Thursday, June 19, 2008

Florida Outpouring Weighed Against Scripture

June 19, 2008

Dear Friends,

Printed below is a prophecy titled America – The Day and the Hour of Revival Approaches. It is attributed to self-proclaimed prophet Wendy Alec, co-founder (with husband Rory) of God TV. The prophecy was posted on the God TV Web site as well as on Alec’s own Web site titled Journal of the Unknown Prophet: Legacy to a Renegade Generation. It has circulated on the World Wide Web and is embraced by numerous Christians—including some prominent Christian leaders—who apparently credit God as its source.

As you will read, the prophecy describes an eminent spiritual revival in America and specifically mentions the southern United States, which is commonly referred to as the Bible Belt. It cryptically foretells supernatural visitations, a new anointing and a widespread spiritual awakening among the nation’s youth.

Some believe this prophecy (and a similar one by Alec titled East Coast Revival) is now manifested in the Florida Healing Revival led by Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley (Fresh Fire Ministries), which is currently underway in Lakeland, Florida. Bentley’s highly publicized services are held twice a day, seven days a week.

A news report states that more than 140,000 people from at least 40 nations have attended the meetings in Lakeland. The services reach many others through live broadcasts aired on God TV and by the Internet. There are claims of healings, spiritual ecstasy and supernatural experiences.

Todd Bentley, in a 2003 teaching article titled Angelic Hosts, stated that his goal was to ― "focus…on the angelic realm and how you can release angels to fulfill God’s word." He personally describes his own experiences with angelic visitors including one named Emma whom he first met during a church service in North Dakota. Bentley said Emma glided (floated) in the room with bags of gold and "walked up and down the aisles of the church putting gold dust on people." Bentley described this visitation as a release of financial and prophetic anointing.
Bentley apparently continues to be directed by angelic beings concerning his ministry including a "winds of change" angel whose New Year’s visitation reportedly launched the events in Lakeland.

After considering this evidence (weighed against Scripture) and in the opinion of others with significant scriptural insight, I unequivocally state that the so-called healing revival in Florida is not a work of God. Bentley’s ministry, with its emphasis upon mystical, esoteric experiences, visions and angel encounters, is not linked to sound Bible doctrine. It appeals to the spiritually gullible, the greedy, those influenced by false prophets, and those not grounded in the Word of God. The current event is a seductive, deceptive counterfeit movement empowered and enabled by supernatural ungodly influences.

Many attending and watching Bentley’s services testify of fantastic experiences, sights and sounds. Undoubtedly they do experience the supernatural, but sadly, the source of those experiences is not God.

(Bentley’s teachings published on his Web site are also doctrinally flawed. An example of this is his teaching on so-called generational curses in which he states Christians can "catch a curse" just like we can "catch a cold" when there is a valid "cause." He lists several reasons one might "catch a curse" including negative words, disobedience to God, witchcraft curses, religion and dead works, and forgetting the poor.)

Likewise the prophetic message titled America—despite its spiritual-sounding language borrowed from the Bible (a little truth)—is not inspired of the Holy Spirit. The Word of God does foretell an end-time harvest and latter rain as well as a falling away from The Faith. However the America message does not line up with true Bible predictions. It lifts up the efforts of man without acknowledging the finished work of Jesus. The message is a false prophecy and an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

Why are charismatic promoters of hyper-spiritualism and the supernatural seemingly so successful? And why are the predictions of false prophets believed by so many?

The Bible answers those questions in Deuteronomy 13:1-3: If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and gives you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or the wonder comes to pass, whereof he spoke unto you, saying, Let us go after other gods, which you have not known, and let us serve them, you shall not hearken to that prophet or dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your God proves you, to know whether you love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul.

As scripture affirms, the Lord allows false messengers and sorcerers to succeed for a time to test His people and the sincerity of their love for Him. Those who choose to follow false ways are free to do so, but at their peril. The wise will heed the warning in Deuteronomy and reject all signs, wonders, miracles, and prophecies not based on sound Bible doctrine—even if they look real.
Regrettably many Christians have already moved away from their love of God and properly-placed faith (in the finished work of Christ) to pursue these kinds of false systems warned of in Deuteronomy. They now embrace New Age and pop spirituality, mysticism, the practice of ancient ceremonies, the prosperity gospel, humanistic psychology, the seeker sensitive movement, the cell group movement and other false ways. Mega-churches that follow business models for church growth fill the pews with thousands on Sundays, but they serve no spiritual food. Many Christians who once knew The Way seek experiences instead of a relationship with Christ.

Much is at stake. Babes in Christ are highly vulnerable to the influences of showy false teachers who claim to hear from God. Mature Christians too are at risk of turning away from The Faith if they choose to abandon sound Biblical doctrine for false ways. And an entire generation of young people—except for a few who hear and accept the Message of the Cross—is in danger of being lost.

How can Christians avoid falling for man-made pseudo-Christian movements that pervert the Gospel?

Christians can steer clear by keeping their faith properly placed in the Lord Jesus Christ (the only Way and object of our faith) and His finished work (the sacrifice of His life and the shedding of His Blood on Calvary, which paid for our salvation and for our victorious daily living.) Placing trust in other objects in a misguided attempt to merit favor from God (i.e., church activity, good works, church membership) or seeking after "supernatural experiences" will result in a spiritual downslide ending in adverse eternal consequences (unless repentance comes).

God still heals the sick, mends broken hearts, and sets free those in Satan’s hold. And He still works miracles today. However a true spiritual move of God is a work of the Holy Spirit. It is not a flamboyant, garish creation of men enabled by evil spirits.

When revival occurs, no one will have to ask if it’s real. As a wise saint of God has said, "When a true move of God comes, everyone will know."

I hope this has explained my views on this important concern. Please feel free to distribute this letter to others who might be interested. If you have additional questions, you may contact me by e-mail at

In His Service,

J. Flood

For the preaching of the Cross is to them who perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the Power of God. - I Cor. 1:18

I added a few brief comments in (Bold) in the prophecy printed below.


AMERICA – A NEW SEASON For the Lord would say – America – beloved America – you stand on the brink of a new season in me (note a new season) For I have heard the cries of those that hunger – of those that have fallen on their faces before me seeking imploring me for a move of my presence. For an outpouring of my person and of my presence across the shores of America – and I tell you this day – that this hour dawns upon your shores – That the wind of my presence is stirring – That those who have longed to see this day shall yet see this move in their generation – For where sin abounds – surely my grace abounds more abundantly – And because of the prayers of my saints in this nation says the Lord God of Hosts – because of the fervent prayers and the supplications of a remnant in this nation – so my hand shall move across the United States of America for the great outpouring of my Holy Spirit that has yet to fall – (This paragraph sets the stage that what the apostate church has been doing has not worked. One can not know this if they do not know the Word of the Lord or discern a true outpouring of the Holy Spirit.) And so beloved I tell you that my presence shall fall from East to West from North to South – and Canada – yes surely Canada shall be a part of this revival says the Lord of Hosts – and yes – I have heard the cries of my people – I have seen the repentance of the hearts of those of my people who have not let me go day or night – and so I tell you this day that the prayers of the intercessors of this nation – the declarations of the prophets of this nation – have rent the heavens and have risen up before my throne like a sweet incense – an incense that burns fervently before my throne both day and night – And so my children I am coming to this nation – oh my children I come quickly to this nation – I AM CALLING MY APOSTLES, MY PROPHETIC EVANGELISTS And now I would address the apostles – Rise Rise Rise up in the nation of America – Apostles – for surely the intercessions and the supplications of the saints have prepared the way for your feet to march and for your hands to build – and the prophets – the voices of my prophets have rent the heavens and now apostles it is time for you to rise and build (It is not the Apostle’s job to build the church; that’s the work of the Holy Spirit. The Apostle is to hear from the Lord and preach the Gospel to all the nations says the Apostle Paul. The term build is also a term used the by New Age movement. We cannot do anything of eternal value without Christ.) – to break open the gates of brass and the doors of iron – for in this time and in this season – oh yes – a new anointing shall fall upon my apostles in this hour in America – and the gates that were brass shall open and the doors that were iron shall swing forth – (A new anointing is one from another spirit and not the Holy Spirit. The Bible never speaks of a new anointing. This is a term the New Age churches uses, sad to say.) Oh yes and some would say but we have seen the new move – oh no no says the lord – there is coming a new day and yet a new hour that has not been seen yet upon the earth – (Again, this paragraph is not Scriptural.) And now I call you evangelists – for such a time you have been birthed for in America – and yes there have been those who have ploughed the fields that are white unto harvest – white unto harvest – but there is a new breed of evangelist that rises upon your shores America – and it is you to whom I call forth – for surely although you have seen harvest – the harvest you have reaped has been but a glimmer of what I have birthed in your spirit – but I tell you that even in a moment it shall be – even in a moment – that my breath shall blow and like a whirlwind – a different season and a different dispensation shall fall – and I shall raise up my prophetic evangelists and as they declare – and as they bring forth – so I tell you that my consuming fire shall fall – and there shall be a holy fear – a holy dread of me that shall sweep this nation – America – and thousands times thousands times thousands shall fall to their knees in repentance as my consuming fire starts to sweep across halls across arenas across stadiums – for America stands on the outskirts of revival – but make no mistake for it is nothing that has gone before – but it is everything that the generals of old saw in the spirit realm and longed to see in their day – and so I shall raise up a mighty generation – (Again, it is nothing that has gone before is Biblically incorrect. Joel speaks of the former rain and the latter rain. The latter rain will be greater, but not different. Either the Lord in this prophecy is confused or the Bible could be wrong. No, neither is true! We know the Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8). Satan is the author of confusion, not God!) THE CONSUMING FIRE OF MY PRESENCE SHALL ROAR ACROSS THE YOUTH OF AMERICA And many many many yes many of them shall be the youth of this nation – for I tell you – there is coming a fire –the consuming fire of my presence that will roar across the YOUTH of the nation of America and consume the lukewarmness and the dross and the things of the world shall be consumed in its wake and a great move of repentance shall fall across the youth of this nation. (This is true, but the Saints of God will know when it happens.)
The Youth says the Lord – the Youth of America – And as the tears of repentance fall and as the youth of this nation fall prostrate on their face - so my mighty Generals and Apostles shall join across America in a great and fearsome army of the Lord – And it shall be a new sound (New sound is the New Age movement. The Bible does not speak of a new sound.) – and it shall be a new wind from heaven- the wind shall roar through the highways and byways of America – it is the sound of marching – marching – to the step and the sound of the Lord of Hosts - and the sleeping church shall awaken – (This paragraph is not Biblical. There is no new spirit, sound, or movement. A new song is mentioned in the Bible – and that refers to the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ [Psalms 96:1, 98:1, and 149:1].) And Prophets – my Prophets – I call you – rise up in this day and in this hour and cry out cry out to America – for the time to demolish the religious strongholds that have bound my people so tightly in their fetters – it is the season and the hour for the bonds of brass to be broken for the shackles of iron to be shattered by the declarations of my prophets – For my church has been in a slumber – for my church has been in a stupor – but this is coming my season for America – (This is an example of a little bit of truth.) And there will be food for the hungry says the Lord – there will be food for the hungry in spirit – there will be sustenance and nourishment – and the eagles that lie weak and dying – many many many of those who should be strongest in this hour have fallen from the skies through lack of sustenance and I am moved with compassion for my eagles in this hour – and I am moved with compassion upon the young eagles of this nation who are starving – and so I will feed America with that that is straight from my hand – with a word from heaven – with sustenance that will sustain them through the coming days – AMERICA – A SHIFT AHEAD – A GREAT SIFTING For I tell you America – that the times and the seasons are changing – and a time of persecution dawns – a time when agendas will rise to the surface – for there comes a shift ahead – a shift in the political arenas in the years ahead – and a great sifting of believers in America will take place– but out of this sifting my remnant shall rise – pure and true – with a clear voice – and a clarion call – but the cost is dear – for the cost is everything – For I tell you that the time will come in America when it is no longer politically correct to be called ’christian’ and many many many of my children shall fall away in that day and that hour – but for all who are founded on the rock – for all who hear and hearken to the voice of my spirit – they shall know that in that day and in that hour – I shall come with my mighty right hand to save them that the great times of persecution have begun – and that I am coming soon – For I am calling for relationship not lipservice I am calling my church in America higher higher higher – higher into a relationship with my person and my presence – I am calling my church America out from the religious bondage and trappings of her past – and I will use my remnant to cry out – and the church shall turn – and the sleeping church shall rise from its slumber in the times of persecution ahead –

And I shall light a TORCH – a TORCH – a literal TORCH of the fire of my saints of America – a torch that shall set ablaze the world – for it is time to look OUT America – beyond your cities beyond your towns – Look out Look OUT America – for the nations have need of you – Rise up from the bondage of complacency - for the East cries out to you – and the North travails – and the South calls to you in the spirit – and so my fire shall fall – and from the east Coast to the West and from the West across the seas it shall go – and from the North it shall rise North North even to Russia – it shall burn – and to the South – the South a flame of fire shall rise – (God help us) I SHALL DO A NEW THING IN THE BIBLE BELT And the bible belt that has kept my word – and has revered my name – I shall do a NEW THING IN THE BIBLE BELT – for there is yet a new move that shall spring forth – for children – your present sustenance cannot sustain you in the days ahead says the Lord – and I will break the bounds of your establishment – and I shall come towards you in this day yet in a new form – and yes many many many in the new day shall not recognize me – they shall say oh this is not God – but I shall pour out such a spirit of hunger of hunger of hunger upon you – that your desperation for me shall overcome your religious expectation – oh yes – and a new breath of my spirit shall wash over you – and fresh and living waters shall flow upon you – and you shall drink of my presence and you shall drink of my fire and the yes of your spirit shall be opened – and I tell you that like a tree set ablaze so the bible belt shall come into a new realm and a new fresh move in me – and shall be fed – and shall join with the great and mighty dread army of the Lord as she rises across America – America America - Beloved America. (A new, fresh move is not God. This is the agenda of the apostate church. He says a new breath – meaning another spirit. There is no place in the Bible that refers of a new breath to come.) END